The Introduction

After decades of promising previous prestigious businesses and researches, the business team decided to take this industrial estate project much bigger step ahead, and then the company specifically for Jatiproton Industrial Estate legal matters is legally registered on April 1st, 2015 in Bandung, Indonesia with the official name PT. JATIPROTON INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA. The registration is certified by The Ministry of Law and Human Rights of Indonesia (KEMENHUNKAM) with registration number : 4015041332101762.

The Government Support

The Feasibility Study has been presented to the government representatives of Probolinggo District on September 11th, 2015. Then as a result PT. JATIPROTON INTERNASIONAL INDONESIA has received the official permission and recommendation for executing the project known as “Consersium Approval”. The recommendation letter with number 650/845/426.301/2015 is issued by Regent of Probolinggo to give the company authority to build and develop Jatiproton International Estate. The project will be located on Desa Tongas Wetan, Tongas Kulon, Curah Tulis Kecamatan TONGAS.

The Philosophy

The name Jatiproton is the short form and abbreviation. Jatiproton stands for Jawa Timur Probolinggo Tongas, whereby Jawa Timur is the province located in the east of Java Island, the most developed and populated island in Indonesia, Probolinggo is the district and Tongas is the town. Jati in Bahasa Indonesia means 'hardwood', known as the eternal wood that is commonly used for luxurious furniture, which also represents the hard work, long lasting , and ecogreen concept.

Board of Directors & Executives

  • Drs. H. Bambang Resmianto APT, MBA

    Founder & Chairman

  • Fleuri Paramita Aprianti S.T, MBA

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Dra. Hj. Ratih Budiwati APT

    Board Of Commisioner

  • Annisa Nurgina Oktorini S.Si, APT

    Board of Commisioner

  • Melissa Dita Novianti S.Si, MSc

    Board of Commisioner

  • Sutejo Wibowo

    Marketing Executive

  • Haythem Belhadj Ali

    Marketing Executive