JATIPROTON | Facilities


As the demand for environmental friendly and ecogreen industrial estate increased, we aim to deliver the whole concept of an industrial towship which is independent and supported by the ideal amenities. Facilities are designed to provide ease and to complete Jatiproton as a city. The objective to develop the economy should grow together with the supporting factors and ideal amenities. The collaboration with experts of industrial consultation, architecture, engineering, project and construction management, urban planning, infrastructure, sustainable design technologies, town and neighbourhood management, and property management, Jatiproton are managing to create the ‘The New Dream Industrial City'

Jatiproton Main Industrial Zones

Jatiproton aims to deliver to ideal industrial estate that will meet the requirement the need of of world's modern industries and businesses. As the promising future awaits, the industrial zones will create the new urban life in the surrounding areas that will turn to the new city. The industrial zones will be ideally planned to be strategically located in the main locations with easy access.

Jatiproton Facilities​

As the industries and businesses grow in the near future, the employment rates will drastically increased, hence Jatiproton Industrial Estate will be developing the economy of the people. The new city and its complete facilities will be another promising investments.

Residential Zone
The essential supporting factor for an industrial estate is the residents for the people that keep the indutries running, the employees that will turn into the ‘citizens’. Houses, apartments and flats will be strategically planned to ideally meet the criteria of the ecogreen industrial city.
Offices & Shops
Offices are not necessarily attached to the location of factories or manufacturer buildings. The centralized offices with shops nearby provide the ease for anyone to accesswith or without going through the main industrial zones. Banks and other kind of relevant businesses would be easily accessible in this area.
Health centers are very important to reassure the whole city has trust able health supports for any kind of medical needs. Public and Private hospitals are planned to be build to be ideally meet the criteria of an industrial city.
School & Universities
As the population growing together with the developing industries, the ‘new citizens’ would move together with the family and children. Private and public schools and universities are planned to be build to support the education needs.
Malls & Shopping Complex
Other essential facility of a city is the shopping complex. Beside doing shopping and finding great foods, Malls and the shopping complex are commonly used for business centers and meeting points as well.
As the city is growing, the demand for hotels with different kind of specific needs will grow together. Many famus tourism spots around Jatiproton will provide other kind of demand as well.
Public Parks & Entertainment
Everybody needs break and entertaining activities. Artificial lakes for water supply could be the perfect view for family parks. Other kind of entertainments will be ideal for the city.
Golf Range
The golf range in Jatiproton is planned to be located facing the best scenery of the city and near Bromo mountain for the perfect breezy weather. Jatiproton Golf Range will be another attraction for tourism business beside its function as the city’s facility.
Mini Airport
Transportation is the key for the access and the success of any project. As the industries are growing, Jatiproton plans the Mini Airport that will be ideal to provide plane transport, private jets landing and take-off terminals and hangars for rent.
Dry & Sea Port
Jatiproton is located near by the sea coast that connects Tanjung Perak Harbor, Tanjung Priok Harbor, and Probolinggo harbor. Dry Port and sea port arevother big plan in the future to support the growing industries and the needs to transport and export by sea freight.