Company Overview

PT Jatiproton International Indonesia was founded in April 2015 by Drs. H. Bambang Resmianto and his associates. Starting with the dream of building the modern, high technology and environmental friendly industrial estate to help developing the economy of the people living in the suburban cities in Probolinggo, Tongas and the neighborhood areas, yet Jatiproton has become the big hope and solution of the high demand for locations of world’s labor intense industries. High prices of land and high minimum wages for workers in big capital cities and other industrial countries, newly build highways and roads became the main reasons of why Jatiproton is the perfect location for industries.

The Objectives  

Jatiproton plans to develop industrial townships which integrates industrial developments with residential and commercial developments that are supported with a wide and complete range of amenities for the residents of the townships and the neighborhood cities. Jatiproton aims to build the success of its industrial estate by working progressively with the experts of encompassing development, industrial consultation, architecture, engineering, project and construction management, urban planning, infrastructure, sustainable design technologies, town and neighbourhood management, and property management, to focus on the development of our industrial townships.


The Vision  

Jatiproton aims to dedicate the development of Indonesia by contributing the growth of economy in one of the highly populated province in Indonesia, East Java. With the combinations of knowledge, networks, execution skills, dedicated personnel and commitment to the objectives, Jatiproton believes that our industrial estate project will attract the local and international industries and also domestic and foreign investors.